120 Ton GEKA 110SD with Semi-Paxy CNC Gauge, 2012

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Model NumberHYDRACROP 110SD
General Location:Georgia
United States
Seller Stock Number5211
Device Details
Flat Bar Shear:24 InchesRound Bar Capacity:2 Inches
Square Bar Capacity:2 Inchesrectangular notching:Yes
Punch Press Max. Capacity:120 Inches
Additional Information
Manufacturer: GEKA
Model: 110 SD
S/N: 104132
Year: 2012
Condition: EXCELLENT

Capacity---------------------------------120 Ton
Angle Capacity-------------------------6" x 6" x 1/2"
Flat Bar Capacity-----------------------24" x 5/8" , 16" x 3/4"
Throat Depth----------------------------24"
Semi-Paxy Positioning Travel--------40" X, 20" Y
Semi-Paxy Positioning Speed---------24" to 480 IPM
Simi-Paxy Position Tolerance---------+- 0.003"
Simi-Paxy Min Positioning distance--1" from center line of die
Bar Cropper-------------------------------2" square and round
Dimensions--------------------------------8' x 6' w x 7' h
Weight--------------------------------------8500 LB

Equipped With:
Semi-Paxy CNC Controlled Punch Positioning Table for Plate, Channel, Angle..
S model has two speed hydraulic system that is larger than the H model giving 50% faster cycling..
2 Foot Pedals..
Quick change punch holder..
Swing away stripper..
Deep punch throat 24"..
Jog control..
Rectangular coper..
39" electric length gauge..

This machine was used on one job about 200 hours.
30 day return privilege.
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