SOCO SB-39x4A-3SV CNC Tube Bender

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Model NumberSB-39x4A-3SV
Year:Not Provided
General Location:Indiana
United States
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V series _ Roll + 1D + Draw Benders

The V series CNC tube benders ( 1D Pipe Bending Machine ) combine Draw and Roll Bending technology. This combination allows the pipe bending of 2 different fixed radiuses and multiple large roll bending radiuses in a single part. Coupled with Individual Pressure Die Systems assist in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility. The V series pipe bending machine equipped with DGT technology.

OD 38.1 mm Pipe Bender, Draw + Roll + 1D Tube Bending + Punching, 4 electric axis and 3 stacks of tooling
This Pipe bender with SOCOs unique DGT technology
Rack pinion feeding
SOCO Proprietary Operation Software
Multi-stacks for Draw and Roll (Large Radius) bending
Programmable Boosting Force for 1D Bending (*)
Ability to bend parts with 0 straight lengths
Programmable arc lengths for large radiuses
Roll Bending Springback compensation settings
Special bending compensation and data storage fields
Low noise level with highest transmission performance
63 mm, 80 mm and 90 mm range pipe bender may be equipped with SOCO DBS system ( 2C Double Blades Shearing ) ( Optional )
(*) in accordance to materials elongation ratio
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