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Dedeos Innovative Manufacturing

Fowlerville, Michigan
United States

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Company:Dedeos Innovative ManufacturingCompany Services
•Manufacturing Services - Cutting - Laser Cutting
•Manufacturing Services - Powder Coating
•Manufacturing Services - Tube & Pipe - Bending
•Manufacturing Services - Welding & Fabrication

(1) Machines
Address:925 Garden Lane
Fowlerville, Michigan 48836
United States
Email: john@dedoesim.com
Phone: 517-223-2500
Fax: 517-223-2552
Website: http://www.dedoesusa.com

Company Description
Let Dedoes Innovative Manufacturing help with your parts production. We offer rapid prototyping, engineering support, laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC punching - machining, bending, welding, powder coating, assembly and packaging. When you need to source laser cutting services, metal cutting, CNC punching, and metal forming, Dedoes can handle any need with our CNC punch, CNC turret punch, press brake, sheet metal bending, and CNC laser cutting. Our specialty is lasers cutting for laser cut parts. Our press brakes are capable of any metal brake. With our combined experience of over 75 years in the sheet metal industry, Dedoes Innovative Manufacturing, Inc. features precision laser cutting and nine metal processes, adding value up to nine ways on a single finished part. This allows Dedoes to add more value than most laser cutting shops. The Dedoes family has made a tradition of creating quality American-made products since 1941, when my father Arnold Dedoes opened his first business. Following in his footsteps, I am committed to providing superior quality products at competitive cost and keeping those ideals. We can keep American manufacturing alive by providing jobs and building strong and trusted relationships with customers and suppliers. DIM will train and educate its employees, and provide a lean manufacturing atmosphere that motivates them to be the best at what they do.

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